Monday, 5 September 2011

QQ : NUMBER SEVEN - September 5 2011


QQ = 10 :   IRENE

                    The Kenyan Muslim in the White House in a satanic agreement with
                     the Intelligent Designer, conjured up Irene, a CAT 1 hurricane of historical size.
                     All this to divert the masses from his evil agenda of providing health care to
                     children, green energy and clean water and air. Shame on him and his environmental
                     power grab.He is now controlling the climate.

                     Next thing, he’ll take guns away from our cold dead hands and compromise
                     with the dark force on everything he believes in.
                     What’s a little ozone?

                     Evil exists.

QQ = 9 :      HALLELUJAH

                      I cannot genuflect one more time before the musical icon of Leonard Cohen’s
                     “Hallelujah”  without questioning the man’s rhymes.

                      I knew yah
                      Do yah
                      Through yah
                      Outdrew yah

                      What would Cole Porter or Ira Gershwin say?
                      “S’Wonderful”...      or    .... “Anything Goes”?                 
QQ = 8 :        LABOR DAY

                       When we focus on issues and try to prioritize, it helps to get a sense of
                       proportion. Once we have that, we can then direct our energies to where there
                       will be more value and get more bang for our buck.

                       In the case of the continuing economic crisis in the United States, clearly
                       it is the fault of the teachers and their all powerful unions. Get rid of them and all    
                       will be OK.
                       Unionism is clearly anti American. What is all this 40 hour work week
                       nonsense? Minimum wage? Feudalism rules! We don’t need child labor laws. 
                       Let them work! And safety and environmental guidelines; they are intrusive     
                       In fact, get the government out of the education business altogether.
                       Let the market  rule! Charles Dickens described the Utopia that will bring
                       America back. “Please Sir, I want some more”. USPS be damned!

                       While we are at it, privatize the FAA. Let them sleep if they want to.
                       Who needs government watching the sky?         .

QQ = 7 :       PALESTINE   

                       In the case of the balance of world power, continuing terrorism and the quest
                       for peace and freedom, we must abandon our focus on the following less
                       important issues in favor of those issues that are politically expedient:

                       Rather focus on traditional scapegoats that are easy targets, and easy to identify.

                       None of the following deserve our attention until the primary issue is resolved.
                       Forget about the Rwandan Genocide. We turned our backs
                       Forget about the mass graves in Bosnia, not our concern.
                       Forget about the killing fields of Cambodia.
                       The slaughter of Greeks and Armenians under Ottoman rule is old news.
                       Thirty thousand gun related killings annually in the USA is a fundamental right.
NATIVE AMERICANS                                                          invaded, conquered slaughtered
FIRST NATION CANADIANS                                             invaded, conquered slaughtered
INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS                                           invaded, conquered slaughtered
SHIA SAUDIS                                                                        subjects of apartheid
PAKISTANI HINDUS                                                           subjects of apartheid                                                                                                   
CZECH ROMA                                                                       subjects of apartheid
TURKISH KURDS                                                                  subjects of apartheid                                                                                                                                                
HOMOSEXUALS IN ALL OF ARAB MIDDLE EAST     criminalized, jailed murdered
TIBETANS IN CHINA                                                            invaded, conquered slaughtered
NORTH KOREA, BURMA, HAITI,                                      regimes of abject evil
SOMALIA SYRIA  and IRAN                                               regimes of abject evil
WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS                            criminalized world wide
AL QAEDA                                                                              gang bangers, murderers.
The UN must act immediately!

Supply Hamas with WOMD’s as a first step.
Tear down that wall Mr.Netanyahu!

Make sure that Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt hang on to their apartheid policies
regarding Palestinian undesirables. Keep them in concentration camps and on no account let them into Egypt out of Gaza. Who knows what would happen? Egyptian spring, my ass.

Those Arabic members of the Israeli Parliament, Israeli/Arab Judges, Israeli/Arab Public servants, Israeli/Arab Army Generals, Israeli/Arab Foreign Service personnel and Israeli/Arab cultural institutions are clear indications of Israeli intransigence.

Screw world hunger, global warming, Persian imperialism, Korean insanity and institutionalized rape.

I am not a card carrying Zionist. However, as a committed News junkie and political observer, the obsession of the left with it’s focus on this singular issue above all others, is more than mystifying and troubling.

More troubling is Israel’s unholy alliance with the radical right and their fanatical religious zealots who’s motivation is all about Revelation and Rapture.

Perhaps those pesky Semites should just stop mixing the blood of Christian babies in their Matzoh. Send them back where they came from. Bring on the end times!  J'accuse!


QQ = 6 :             LIBYAN REBELS      

                            Lawrence of Arabia was a cartographer. He drew some lines in the sand.
                            and a few gang leaders were designated as Kings. Maybe he is to blame.
                            This nonsense continues across the top of the African continent.
QQ = 5 :             OIL       

                            Thirty years ago, on a trip to Melbourne, most taxi cabs had dual fuel
                            engines. A regular gasoline engine, plus a propane tank in the trunk.You
                            could seamlessly switch from one to the other.

                            In 2011, the prospect is swept aside with claims of lack of developed   
                            technology and impractical expense.
                            It’s not easy being green.

                            Tar sands oh tar sands
                            Are you just  sleight of hand
                            Mobil, Exxon it’s a Shell game
                            Profit’s the name, with gain your aim.
QQ = 4 :             ENVIRONMENT

                             Australia is one big quarry. Its economic miracle is shear luck.
                             Canada is one big quarry  Its economic miracle is shear luck. 
                             The stuff in the ground is causing unforgivable environmental damage
                             at extraordinary cost.   

                             Who will pay?
QQ = 3 :              NINE ELEVEN            

Lorenz Hart, before 9/11 was a number.
I’ll take Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island too, it's lovely going through the zoo

It's very fancy on old Delaney Street, you know.

The subway charms us so, when balmy breezes blow to and fro.

And tell me what street compares with Mott street in July,

Sweet push carts gently gliding by

The great big city's a wondrous toy, just made for a girl and boy.

I'll turn Manhattan into an isle of joy.  
QQ = 2 :                9/11             

Ground Zero...........a perimeter walk I’ll never forget.

                                 Canada loves New York

The event was only weeks after the 9/11 tradgedy.The idea began in Toronto with Canadian Senator Jerry Grafstein and a group of supporters. With Mayor Rudolf Giulianiís assistance overwhelming numbers of Canadians gathered together in the heart of Manhattan Over twenty-six thousand paId their respects. Canadians responded.

QQ = 1 :                IX/XI

Canada loves New York, December 1st 2001   

Murray McLaughlin dedicated an original song called "Morning After Blues" to Giuliani.

"Got to laugh again, got to find a way,
Got to light the lights and sing and dance the night away,"

he sang as the audience wiped their tears.  

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