Friday, 21 September 2012


                                                           DRILL BABY DRILL

It has been some time since my last QQ.

Life has a way of imposing priorities. There is a saying attributed to an anonymous French sage that goes something like this: “Mentchen tracht un Gott lacht”.
Roughly translated - “People plan and God laughs”.  This describes my condition to a tee.


Nation building through recorded history has generally been a result of plundering, pillaging, rape and the ultimate conquering tool of all-out war.

War is an economic and technological decision requiring management, decision-making planning and arming.

Arming requires technological invention, innovation and industrial infra-structure.

As we sound the battle cries, rattle the sabres and rally to war, yet again, against the evil, expanding Persian empire, we must question the tools; the management and the economy of war.

It's the technology stupid. It is all about the drill.


The drill? What does that really mean?

I cannot deny my training and education as an engineer with regard to my point of view on this subject.

As it turns out, just about all contemporary weaponry has become irrelevant, outmoded, outdated and useless. This includes the most sophisticated of nuclear weapons. Why? Because the retaliatory response weaponry stockpiled by our great friends in North Korea, by Russia and by Iran is buried in deep caverns inside mountains. The inside of these mountains is sheathed in yards of concrete and steel. Said steel, concrete and granite is impenetrable by even the most powerful weapons that have ever been conceived of or produced.

So, you need a drill. One helluva drill. How practical and how realistic is that? How real is this dilemma?


The technology of drilling requires the simplest solution to the simplest problem. As you drill, how do you get rid of the the material that is generated by the hole that you make? A missile dropped from a plane will penetrate the earth by a few feet, create something of an impact crater and make a lot of noise. A North Korean war room 250 feet below the surface or inside a mountain will feel zero... nothing. An Iranian atomic missile silo buried deep inside a mountain will remain totally viable and intact. There is no weapon currently developed that can counter this deeply-buried inventory.

Here we enter the drill race. Which nation will develop the Ultimate Drilling Weapon that will give them Drilling Superiority?

Who has ultimate penetration?


Ironically, drilling for energy runs on a parallel trajectory. Whoever can frack the most wins. I frack, you frack, Mobil fracks, Shell fracks and whomever drills the biggest, deepest hole to get those pesky hydrocarbons that run the Military-Industrial -Complex, wins.

How can we develop the big, drilling missiles to drill into Iranian mountains unless we drill-frack the energy required to run the infrastructure needed to develop the weapons? Hence, it is all about the Drill.

The technological dilemma is simple. When the drill screw penetrates the target, it creates the waste material that must be disposed of. As the hole gets deeper, the waste gets bigger and heavier and is more difficult to eliminate. Drilling missiles are under development that carry cannon on their skins that is supposed to explosively eject the material generated by the drill. Whether or not this primitive concept would actually work is somewhat suspect. It seems that our technological revolution should be capable of something a little more sophisticated than that.


The race to drill has now superseded the arms race, the energy race, the sexual race and the human race.

We face enormous challenges confronting rogue regimes who bury their poison inside mountains; rogue energy hoarders who keep our resources buried deep somewhere in North Dakota; and rogue cultures who deny our human, sexual identities which they bury under face masks and cover in burkahs.

Effective drilling is necessary and required.


As the technological age and revolution continues, it turns out that there are two major geographical locations that have given birth to the greatest contemporary leaps in invention and innovation.

Those two places are Silicon Valley in California, and the tiny State of Israel. Based on this fact, it would seem likely that Israel has put some deep thought into the depth that a drilling missile can penetrate. Maybe they have even developed a weapon that can do the job. If that is the case, we should all be afraid, very afraid. We should be afraid because we exist, not in the Technological Age, or the Age of the Internet, or the Age of Aquarius. We are witnessing the dawn of the Age of the Drill.  Whoever has the biggest drill - wins.


It occurs to me that if my hypothesis is correct:  Israel has likely developed a drill that can penetrate Mount Sinai. If that is the case, the threat of an attack on Iran becomes very real.

Further, it occurs to me that the well-publicized cat fight between Obama and Netanyahu is pure theatre for the masses. They each know exactly what is going on.

It is possible that Israel has, in fact, made a drill that can penetrate mountains. With this tool in place, they can and possibly will attack Iran's nuclear arsenal.

In my opinion, American participation in this battle would not be tolerated by the American populace. They have lost too much in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, if Israel does attack, it must be perceived to be doing it alone.  Ergo - the theatre of the Obama-Netanyahu feud. It makes for drama of near-Biblical proportion.


Why is Iran developing nuclear weapons and should we be afraid?

Regardless of the dogmatic, messianic megalo-maniacs who have voted themselves into their repressive, deified potentate status, it is a fact that the Persian people are a proud and strong group. There is a historical background of empire, of civilization and of nationhood that resonates deeply within its borders. It doesn't matter who is in charge. The Persian population will not appreciate anyone messing up their mountains. It seems to me that perhaps they are the ones to fear.


In the context of the Jewish, mega-drill missile, does it matter if it is Obama or Romney?

I believe not at all. It is completely irrelevant. America is unlikely to dive in to another war under current economic conditions and any support to Israel will happen under the table. Demonizing Obama is a naive response completely unrelated to well - reality.  Portraying Barack Obama as an ‘enemy of Israel’ and a ‘Muslim sympathizer’ has all the sophistication of realpolitic as interpreted by a 6 year-old.

The real world is one of layer-upon-layer of conspiracy on top of conspiracy; on intrigue and infinite twists and turns of policy and strategy. Romney is a naive fool who believes that the messiah is about to return... to Missouri.

I think it would be best that he is not the one with his finger on the Mega-drill.


Follow the money.

There’s no business like the Armament Business. War economies are good economies, especially if it is a proxy war. We develop and sell the stuff-and you fight the war. It is win-win.

Etched on my Stone Tablet

Edited by Batsheva