Tuesday, 10 September 2013


                                                       N I N E     E L E V E N


Zimmerman, Sandy Hook, Newtown, Chicago.

America, take a look in the mirror and see your very own homegrown holocaust. We have our own Sharia law. It's known as the second amendment to the constitution as interpreted by Wayne LaPierre.

Keep your Glocks loaded and under your pillows 'cause those Muslims are comin' to getcha. Arm the teachers, keep a shotgun in your trunk, take one to work and make sure you are stocked up on ammo 'cause you know the government's gonna getcha and turn America into an islamist socialist paradise.

How is it possible that Australians and Canadians get through the day unarmed. It's a miracle.


Snowden, what have you wrought?

The NSA has seized and utilized a power, more formidable, more destructive and more overwhelming than the atomic bomb, chemical warfare and the holocaust combined.

Once we were free. We are now slaves. Slaves to a technology that can never be undone. The game is over and the new world is upon us. Hal rules. Stanley Kubrick you were a true prophet.

Perhaps the messiah should take the hint and come back sooner than later since we've really lost it this time. Help! I'm being observed wondering down the screw-fastener aisle of Home Depot.
My inbox is full of nails. Is there a crucifixion on the schedule?


So far there are about 2 million homeless Syrians. They really should go back to where they came from. Do they expect us to take care of them?

Tony Abbott is going to buy up hundreds of thousands of old Indonesian boats in order to halt illegal boat-people from getting to Australia. That concept was thought up by a Rhodes Scholar,
His Honor - the new Prime Minister of Australia. Tony, Tony, Toe-knee.

Let's build a fence between America and Mexico. 2000 miles of border at about $4million per mile comes to about $8billion plus billions more in maintenance and patrol. What's another billion or three to keep America strong and free.  It's not the banks that brought us down, it was the illegal immigrants. There would have been no recession with a really solid fence. Derivatives be damned, it was the maid's fault.


We like to think that the bridge is going to hold up when we cross it. We would hope that the design of the local nuclear reactor has taken weather and earth movements into account. We could have hoped that schools in Tornado prone areas would provide shelters as part of their design. Ancient Rome knew that power and solid infrastructure were intimately connected. Apparently that's an ancient concept.

We live in false hope.

As hypothetical president, it's so hard to chose:
Fix a bridge or bomb Syria?
Secure a school building in Ohio or maintain Guantanamo?
Keep Manning under lock and key or regulate fracking?
So little time, so much to do. Got to get that bipartisan thing happening.
I think I'm getting a Bohner.


If you make stuff, you need someone to buy it.
If you don't pay your workers a living wage, then they don't have the money to buy your stuff.
They then have to get welfare and collect food stamps that comes out of your taxes.
Then there's no dough to fix stuff.
Then the roads fail, the bridges fall down and the nuclear reactors explode.
It's all part of gods plan. Who needs a middle class anyway. They are so bourgeois.


There used to be this phenomenon that we knew as music. It was expressed in melodic and lyrical form and was performed by artists. Some of those artists were virtuosos. Some music became the anthems that unified us. Some music was romantic and some was sad and some was happy. Some music was important.

Those days are over. Melody has been observed by the NSA and has been found to be subversive.
It can no longer be tolerated. Instrumental virtuosity has been found to be a tool of terrorism and is banned. Lyrical imagery, allegory and poetry are crimes against humanity.

We hip and we hop and we rhyme and we twerk and the beat goes on.
Music is a stardust memory, somewhere over the rainbow.


Is this really the best we can do? This is the Miley Cyrus of series television. Millions spent on mediocre script, disastrous acting, childish dramatic concepts and an ethical dark age.

Why is this so popular? So we distract ourselves while the ship is sinking.
Stock up on that food stamp popcorn from Wallmart and get ready for next weeks exciting episode that reveals how to make blue meth. and shoot guns that never run out of ammo.

The Sopranos was no gleaming literary shining light, but was Shakespearean in comparison.


Hope is on the horizon. Mr. Putin and Mr. Assad have brought us new hope.
So does Baz Obama's recent meeting with Putin make him a Chamberlain?
Is this "peace in our time"?

Little Georgie Bush said "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy….I was able to get a sense of his soul." —George W. Bush, after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, June 16, 2001


Germany was partially set up by Chase Bank, Standard Oil, General Motors, IBM and others for them to make a bunch of dough and also to stop the colonialist ambitions of Joe Stalin. Follow the money.

Putin and his buddies have oil and gas. A shit load of it. We are engaged in a war of pipelines criss crossing the planet. Russian oil heading east and west, Canadian oil heading south, US fracked oil heading up to hell and all powering and lubricating the machine and securing the oligarchy.

If only those pesky radical islamists would let us get on with it. There's business to be conducted and money to be made. They are in the way.
What is it that they want anyway?


Hitler wanted social democracy. But the Jews had to go.
Radical Islam wants social democracy but the infidel has to go.
America wants social democracy at the point of a gun.
Israel wants a land of milk and honey but the Palestinians have to go.
Palestine wants Israel but the Jews have to go.

On the other hand, some have made their peace with feudalism:
Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and Wallmart.

What indeed is the lesson on the anniversary of 9/11?

Etched on my Stone Tablet


Editing: Batshrva