Friday, 24 May 2013


                                                   A BREAKING HEART

Legend has it that my namesake, writer and satirist, Karel Capek, died in 1938 of a broken heart. He realized what was about to happen to his country and his people. The tragedy unveiled in his foresight was more than he could bear. Karel's brother Josef Capek - painter, cartoonist and illustrator, subsequently died in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

As I watch the world aghast at recent, unfolding catastrophic events, both human and natural,
I wonder what miraculous, insane mode of denial allows us to carry on.


In a routine massacre that goes under-reported and remains of little concern, about 200 people were shot to death in America this week - as they are every week, come rain or come shine. Another 350 people committed suicide using guns and a further 2,000 were wounded one way or another based on published, average numbers.

As magazines that one used to read go the way of the dinosaur, the ‘magazine’ that holds 30 or more rounds of ammunition has become the standard accessory.


The schools in Tornado Alley do not have shelters. Their budgets do not allow for that luxury. The policy of austerity has set our priorities...and keeping our children safe is not one of them. Balance those budgets. Read my more taxes. The banks need the money more than our children.

A flyer arrived in the mail today from American Express offering a balance transfer for a mere 28% interest. Poor American Express. They must really need the dough.

Or, perhaps usury should be a crime.


I could be off my rocker like the three and a half people in the universe who still believe that OJ Simpson is innocent, but.......

Why does the specter of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby keep haunting me?

Boston and Chechnya somehow seem to have a disconnect for me despite all indications to the contrary. Something stinks. Or perhaps the event was so traumatic I simply can’t accept the simple explanation. Firecrackers in a pressure cooker, baseball caps and backpacks, rap rhymes and boxing and now Florida's assassination make for great television.

Someone, somewhere caused mayhem, destruction and profoundly sad wounding and death. Who and why may well become buried with JFK.


"I am an artist I should be taken seriously".
Justin Bieber at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Play on!


A cold, corrupt place where the infrastructure has failed; the air is poison; the hospitals are septic and anything can be bought for a price.

They have the leadership they deserve.

What a crackup!


There is a slave class of underpaid, overworked, exploited drones who do the farm labor, the janitorial work, food service and construction. They are employed in what used to be THEIR land. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Minimum wage for food service workers remains at less that $3 per hour. Hygiene, nutrition, housing and welfare are not our concern.

Perhaps a line could be drawn in the sand and the occupied territories of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California should be handed back to its rightful owners. ‘Mex-america’ and ‘Tex-america’ could then live peaceably alongside each other and prosper. Tear down that wall, Mr. Obama!


While climate extremes mangle, drown and kill our children; while weapons of mass destruction invade our schools and our streets;  while buildings designed for our economic benefit collapse in Bangladesh...we engage in pornography.

That pornography is the manner in which we sit and watch congress practice mass, endless masturbation without climax.

Their agenda has become so corrupt, so ineffectual, so partisan and so ‘finan-centric’ that the  world has become unrecognizable.

Compassion seems to have become a foreign concept. Just like our misreading of the second amendment we have misinterpreted the Gettysburg address to read “government of the banks, by the banks, for the banks”.



Pakistan, North Korea and Iran seem to be engaged in a game of Russian roulette. Syria is imploding and Africa is exploding.

It's those pesky banks yet again. Someone is doing business with ‘little Kim’, someone is doing business with Assad and someone is doing business with Iran. Weapons are being developed, manufactured, imported and exported and traded. I wonder who is financing these endeavors and paying the price? Who is teaching the scientists and technicians? Who is financing the monumental costs?

Could it

The Dow is at record highs. I wonder why.


A Google search reveals that there are numerous listings under the heading "Stain removal channel".

The removal of spots and stains seem to be something of an obsession within the contemporary anal-retentive household. I propose another spot removal that I would like to see.

Spotify, or perhaps, ‘Stainify’ have soiled the environment enough. Is there any detergent strong enough to remove them?

Their algorithms feed me ‘dreck’ that I don't want to hear. They pay slave labor royalty rates - and the music sounds bad. Get me some Ajax.


So now we hear that 100% of all phone calls, all emails, all electronic communication can and is being monitored in the interest of "Homeland Security".

Perhaps it is time to round up those who are found to be potential threats to our Homeland as a result of this surveillance. They can then be put to work in separate work camps and then euthanized as their productive assets become unnecessary.

We can then live in peace and harmony and rest assured that the bad guys are weeded out, the drones are protecting us from the skies and we will always have God and Glock on our side.

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the Gun my soul to keep
Glock bless Mommy Daddy and all the family of man.

etched on my stone tablet

editing : Batsheva