Friday, 30 June 2017


July 4 2017


1. We have a new King. The New American Monarchy is upon us. God save the Don.

2. Time to dump that AK47. No need to pay your NRA dues. The right to bear arms isn't helping. Wasn't that supposed to protect us from a mad King?

3. The coronation happened at the polling booths - or so we are told by the KGB. The ceremony was held at a secret location. The King was crowned with a ritual hairpiece by his evil Knights Sir Paul of Ryanhood and the Sherriff of Nottingham, Mitch McConnell.

4. The King rules with an iron tweet. He is offended by many things. He finds women who bleed particularly offensive - closely followed by CNN. His courtiers are required to pay homage, and compliment the king on his long ties, orange features, small appendages and groping fantasies.

5. To compensate for his small appendages, the King is rattling his sabers at nuclear powers - who are likely to respond in kind. Woe unto we humble peasants who have no bunkers to shelter us when the nuclear holocaust comes.

6. The King has replaced his idiot sons with a token Jew or two. He believes the Jews are a clever people who can further compensate for the King's increasing dementia. Because the Jews know stuff.

7. The King believes that the peasants are not worthy, They should dig for coal, forget about clean air and water. The peasants should relinquish the possibility of modern health care. Let them try prayer and blood letting. Leaches.

8.  As a subject of a  witch-hunt by the press, the King has embraced witch-craft -  established by the Grand Master Witch, Steve Bannon.  Bannon is joined by his Russian, counter-part partner –Vlad, ‘The Impaler' Putin.
They have a plan. Or at least Vlad and Steve have a plan. The King has no plan.
The Bannon/Putin manifesto replaces the constitution with feudalism.    

9. The new feudalism steals from the poor to enrich the King and his courtiers. The King likes shiny things. The king doesn't like women or brown people or CNN or MSNBC.

10. To keep the King occupied and distracted, the Bannon/Putin, dark forces plan more Bigly, Nuremberg- type rallies. They went to Toys-R-Us and have bought the King a super-construction set. Now, he can build a beautiful wall around his Kingdom to protect himself from the Invasion of the Brown People.

God Save Us - from the King.


Etched on my stone tablet
Edited by Batsheva

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