Monday, 22 August 2011

QQ : NUMBER FIVE - August 22, 2011


QQ = 10 :  "Keep the company of those who seek the truth- run from those
                   who have found it"   — Václav Havel

QQ = 9 :     When Bach composed his three part inventions he was visited by a higher
                     power. When Glen Gould played them, his realization made him insane. Layer
                     upon layer of revelation that never ceases to amaze and inspire, sometimes
                     too much

QQ = 8 :     I am conceiving a Baroque Opera. Sarah Palin, as Broadway musical. Show
                     stopping song titles include : “I Can See Russia from my BackYard”,
                     “A Moose is Just a Moose”, “Climate Change, You Must Be Joking”
                    “Paul Revere, Paule Revere Let’s have a Beer”.
                     The story line is a tragi - comedy with a King Lear connection, with Sarah as
                     Lear, and  Bristol and Piper as Goneril and Regan. It has a sad ending.

QQ = 7 :      Why do we prefer to type? QUERTY is so 1870’s. With that in mind, the
                      gasoline engine of 1885 is conceptually unchanged. Shakespear and Homer
                      wrote compelling stories and Mozart wrote a decent tune. Innovation is severly
                      lacking. Is Mark Zuckerberg the great innovator of our era?

QQ = 6 :      When Charlie Bird added strings, he touched heaven. When Buddy Holly
                      added strings, he pushed the envelope. When Henry Mancini wrote for
                      the orchestra, he embraced melody, and when Arif Mardin wrote a string
                      chart, he had an aesthetic unlike any other that embraced the zeitgeist.

QQ = 5 :      A summers night at the Hollywood Bowl is an immortalizing experience. I
                      have seen Dudley Moore play the Rhasody in Blue, Jaco Pastorius play
                      an entire show with his back to the audience and the 1812 overture with
                      fireworks. I love LA. (Sad to miss the forthcoming "Q" show).

QQ = 4 :       Reality check :

                       Carol Kaye : "Good Vibrations" (The Beach Boys);"Wichita Lineman" and "Rhinestone Cowboy" (Glen Campbell);"River Deep - Mountain High" (Ike & Tina Turner);
"Scarborough Fair/Canticle" (Simon and Garfunkel);"The Way We Were" (Barbra Streisand) etc etc etc.

I've been working hard since I was 9 years old, day and night (grew up extremely poor), had a hard life of hard work, fought off criminals trying to steal my pub. company, after working extremely hard in the studios, (professional musician since the age of 14, providing for family since 16, day and night studio work since age 22, worked evern harder for my publishing/teaching/seminars/studiowork/live-jazz playing and raising 3 kids as a single mother. I've written, published over 30 items, sold over 1 million, the educational stuff is a nickel and dime business and now most of my books are being illegally downloaded on the web at over 41 Pirate websites (just in my first 10 pages of my name on Google alone!)...I really don't feel up to working hard to finish my book only to have it be stolen too...I just lost a home due to Piracy (and bad bank: Wells Fargo, after paying mortgages on-time for decades) 76 am starting over, I really don't want the rest of my hard work pirated by working hard to finish my book and then have it stolen online. Having dealt with publishers with my own Gwyn Publishing co. inc. I wouldn't trust another publisher as far as I can throw my own car.....that in itself is a book.    
QQ = 3 :        Rob Ford (Toronto Mayor) digs his own trench    
QQ = 2 :        Wars that never ended :
                        The Civil war
                        The Crusades
                        Catholics vs. Protestants
                        India and Pakistan
                        Israeli Independence
                        The war of the sexes
                        The war against drugs
                        The war on terror

QQ = 1 :         What, me worry?   

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