Friday, 26 August 2011

QQ : NUMBER SIX - August 26, 2011


week 6

                      Sometimes I live in the country,
                      Sometimes I live in town,
                      Sometimes I have a great notion,
                      To jump in the river and drown.

                      Irene, goodnight.

QQ = 10 :   RIP Jack Layton. (Federal leader of the opposition in Canada).

                     One more nail in the coffin of Canadian democracy.
                     With that comment, “I am not now and have never been a member of" the NDP.
                     However It seems to me that the unprecedented lineup of thousands around City Hall
                     today is as much a profound political statement as it is a tribute to the man.
                     Cancer, the ultimate un - equalizer.

QQ = 9 :     And the cure for the common cold is?
                     Fibromyalgia anyone?
                     The legal firm of Epstein & Barr? 
                     And that old guy Alzheimer?
                     It seems we have a long way to go Dr. Doctor!

Throughout the Jewish tradition, one is aware of the tension between the concept of God's omnipotent will and the concept of humankind's free will, manifest in an unspoken compromise that leaves the care of the body to man.
In this matter, the intervention of God is not to be assumed. (Sherwin B. Nuland)

QQ = 8 :      “You Aint Nothin’ But a Hound Dog”.
                       A Jewish song?
                       RIP Jerry Lieber.

QQ = 7 :       And then Dr. Doctor, there is the Jewish question.
                      I have often pondered the Catholic question, the Tao question, the Baha’ question,
                      the Buddhist question and the Wicken question.

                      I offer no “final solution” other than to encourage my people to relinquish their control
                      of  the economic future of the world, all media, the federal reserve,
                      the White House, their suppression of the cure for Cancer, the fate of the planet     
                      and the destiny of the universe.
                      Then we can all relax.                                   

QQ = 6 :        However, then we can almost all relax.
                       But not before we ban, eliminate and vanquish the following :

                       the entire song output of  the Brill Building, Broadway and Hollywood
                       (those pesky Jewish songs)  
                       the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics  (a Jewish concept)
                       the Salk vaccine for polio, Penicillin, Novocaine, Aspirin and the Pill.
                      (a conspiracy alongside  flouridation) 
                       Google and Facebook
                       and of course Levi jeans.

                       With all that in mind, what was Jesus’ religion? And his mother Mary?
QQ = 5 :        Who are the rebels in Tripoli? The images show young men with baseball
                        hats on backwards, clean shaven and wearing printed T-shirts.
                       Their hair is groomed. They show gang hand signals from the ‘hood.
                       The trucks have gasoline, the guns have ammunition and of course
                        everyone has a cel-phone.
                       It is reported that their number one agenda is the institution of Sharia Law.
QQ = 4 :        There exists a universal unmitigated morbid fear of women in the 
                        undeveloped world.
                        Tent them, rape them, subject them to genital mutilation
                         and on no account let them drive.

QQ = 3 :         Fracking.....there’s a great word.
                        Take away the gas and the oil, and then plates collide. These are the earth’s
                        natural lubricants. The earth’s precious bodily fluids.

                        And then the earth begins to shudder and quake.

                        Exxon, Mobil, BP and Shell ...........Frack You!          
QQ = 2 :         Economic apartheid, the one we prefer not to talk about. It lives and breathes
                         in the restaurant kitchens of Toronto,
                         the produce agri - business farms of California
                         the oilfields of the Saudi
                         the suburbs of London
                         and across the tracks of every city in the USA
                         and of course most of the two million people currently in US jails.

                         Which reminds me of another Jewish song : “Jailhouse Rock” and its gay
                         double entendre verse  :

                         Number forty seven said to number three
                         You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see
                         I sure would be delighted with your company
                         Come on and do the jailhouse rock with me

                          Apartheid was ironically originally defined as “separate but equal”:
                          I propose that the organization “Queers against Israeli Apartheid” hold their
                          next wedding event in downtown Damascus followed by a celebratory stoning.        
                          Perhaps one of the better applications of Sharia law.

QQ = 1 :           Fallen off the news : 
                           Whatever happened to the woman sentenced to death by stoning in Iran?
                           My Q.A.I.A. friends didn’t seem too concerned. 
                           Perhaps a honeymoon (after the Damascus wedding) in Teheran. 

                           I guess it was just a woman thing.

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