Monday, 12 September 2011

QQ : NUMBER EIGHT - September 12, 2011


QQ = 10 :     USPS

                     Why do I care about the United States Postal Service? 

                     The Bankruptcy of the USPS, follows closely on the heels of the
                     decimation of:
                     the recorded music business
                     the printed book
                     network television and television news
                     personal customer service
                     retail showrooms
                     a diminution of human vocal communication with the ascendance of QERTY  
                     and much more

                     Technology is neutral, or is it?

QQ = 9 :       QUALITY

                      I'm thinking of starting a second blog on the subject of Quality.
                      Qapek's Quality Quotient or QQQ.
                      I am troubled by the relationship of Technology to Quality.

                      As a result of technological 'advances' we are witness to the destruction of:         
                      the recorded music business
                      the printed book
                      network television and television news.
                      personal customer service
                      retail showrooms
                      a diminution of human vocal communication with the ascendance of QERTY  
                      and much more

                      Does the replacement have a quality equivalent?

                      Is UPS a better quality service than USPS?

                      Does Charlie Parker with strings, recorded in 1949
                      have a 2011 quality equivalent?

                      Does the physical interface of printed bound paper with hand and                                    
                      eye have a quality dimension that transcends that of an ipad?

                      Did NBC's Kraft Television Theater, or the original Twilight Zone
                      Series have a dimension of quality that has never been reproduced?
                      Is QWERTY the ultimate form of communication?
                      Was Orson Wells an aberration?
QQ = 8 :        TECHNOLOGY

                        What would Mozart do with ProTools?  Would he tweet?
                        What would Ansel Adams do with photoshop? Would he IM?
                        What would Homer do with Micrsoft Word? Would he “poke” me
                        What would Leonardo Davinci do with CAD? Would he access the


                        The London riots were reported to have been be coordinated
                        via social media.
                        The Egyptian spring was reported to have been coordinated via
                        social media.
                        Justin Bieber is said to have given birth to a career via a viral
                        response on social media.

                        So there we have it. 
                        The quality of twitter and facebook has given us:

                       Anarchy in London
                       Anarchy and continuing chaos in Egypt
                       and of course, Justin Bieber.

                       Technology is neutral, or is it?
                       Face-twit-me and I'll qwerty back at yah

QQ = 6 :         COPYRIGHT        

                        A Thesaurus for a new age:

                        Aggregate, Share, Link, Rip
                        Synonyms for Steal, Rob, Plagiarize, Thieve

                       Huffington, Drudge, Fox and Google, wherfore art though News?
QQ = 5 :          FAIR AND BALANCED 

 When pondering the concept of quality, it occurs to me that the culture that emanates from the fair and balanced network is one that demands it's pound of flesh in a destructive ever dogmatic anti science, anti intellectual agenda. It is interesting to ponder the meaning of the word “culture” in its relationship to the concept of “growth”. That is in contrast to the word “conservative” with its implication of keeping the status quo and the resulting lack of growth.

Innovation  is imperative. Without innovation, we invite the dark age.
Innovation requires education, freedom of speech, freedom of expression
freedom of the press, and economic support.
QQ = 4 :            INNOVATION

                           The definition of the word innovation is associated with the concept of positive change. What an epiphanic concept! Change that moves us forward.
The very word implies quality. Change is change. It requires no quality.              However “innovation” requires a positive forward movement.
This is a profound concept that is far removed from current culture.

We suffer greatly from our lack of comprehension of this concept.
Resistance to true innovation is a conservative stance. A historical irony is the position of the Roman inquisition regarding Galileo's postulating Heliocentrism.
They would only support it as a possibility.
Sounds eerily like Rick Perry. “Evolution, a theory that's out there”.  1615 meets 2011.

QQ = 3 :             CULTURE            

                       Is culture the exclusive domain of the economically privileged?
                       Can the poor innovate, paint, write and compose music?
                       Of course they can and they do.. 
QQ = 2 :            PHILANTHROPY       

                              In my next life I will be a philanthropist. However I will not
                              focus on cures, shelter and nutrition. Others will.
                              Rather I will supply the needy with paint, canvas
                              audio and video media tools and all means of artistic

QQ = 1 :              THERE WAS A TIME
                             Artie Shaw....a consummate man's man, musician's musician,                
                             curmudgeon's curmudgeon, and artists artist.
                             Listen to "Begin the Beguine," and weep.

                             He was not a nice man.
                             Neither was Beethoven.
                             Neither were Picasso, Hemmingway or Frank Lloyd Wright

                             Do we require our cultural icons to be “nice”?  

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