Thursday, 22 September 2011

QQ : NUMBER NINE - September 22, 2011


QQ = 10 :      BODY AND SOUL

                      The duet with Tony Bennet is touching. More so, to see Tony, so masterful, so
                      in control and so at ease. What a great song!
                      Amy Winehouse - so sad.
                      But then again, check Billie Holiday do the same tune, for real in another time,   
                      another dimension and another sad.

QQ = 9 :        TORONTO

                       I thought Toronto and I were lovers once. Perhaps it was just a brief
                       affair, even a one night stand for a year or two. Although Toronto has
                       shown me some kindness and consideration, I have fallen out of love.

                       Every now and then, on a summer's night, on a patio, a glimmer of
                       warmth returns, just for an instant, but then its gone, back to another
                       time when Toronto was “Toronto the good.”  It is good no more.   

QQ = 8 :         HARPER, HUDAK & FORD

                       Canada deserves 'em.
                       We are not American. In America, there is a concept called “oversight.”
                       In Canada we do not confront our demons. We do the British thing. We
                       sweep the dirt under the rug and pretend it isn't there.
                       We hide our SARS, our OMB, our filthy air, our police corruption and our
                       corporate monopolies under the cultural veneer of “Nice”. We're all just
                       nice people getting along. If you think that the Tea Party has some
                       extreme positions, wait and wonder what mischief H.H. & F will get up to

QQ = 7 :         OH, OH CANADA

                       We are the Tar sands
                       We are Asbestos
                       We give you SARS and Walkerton and even MS
                       We wait for surgeons
                       We jail our Indians
                       Our peaceful right to assemble, just an arbitrary notion

                        We are Canadian

QQ = 6 :         URBAN DESIGN

                       St Clair Avenue Toronto. A multitude of failure upon failure upon failure.
                       Did anything go right? Traffic snarls, cyclists risk their lives, nowhere to
                       park, businesses going under and traffic lights uncoordinated.

                       It must have been designed by Daniel Libeskind. I think he has a grudge
                       against this city and is terrorizing it using “ugly and impractical” as a

                       Or, he is leading a new revolution in architecture and design where form
                       and function are separate but equal. A sort of design apartheid.

                       I could go on, and I will. What the hell is Toronto International Airport
                       Terminal 4 doing at the corner of Dundas and McCaul? Even Gehry doesn’t
                       get this town.
QQ = 5 :         GREECE

                       I am told that a public servant can, if he chooses, retire at age 45.
                       Perhaps, taxing the rich is not the only solution.

QQ = 4 :          NAFTA

                        I guess music and musicians were excluded. They are such a threat.
                        Free trade without melody is rough trade

QQ = 3 :          CULTURE

                        What on earth is the ghost of Andy Warhol doing in Nashville TN?
QQ = 2 :          HEALTH

                         Mad wheat disease as a result of genetic modification. When Monsanto
                         fucks with our daily bread, we have a problem.     

QQ = 1 :         THERE WAS A TIME

                        Ray Charles and Quincy 1961. “Genius Plus Soul = Jazz”  changed my life.    
                        The organ solo on“One Mint Julep” is iconic. Check it out.

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